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St Fagans National Museum of History

This infamous open air museum is a unique site. Buildings transported brick by brick from around Wales or recreated in the extensive landscape, showcase samples of welsh architecture and life.

Event has designed and delivered three new galleries and external interpretative signage. The exhibitions were planned with access consultants and alongside extensive public engagement workshops to create a truly inclusive, democratic and dual language museum. Wales is gallery explores the question of identity, with various definitions inspired by the social history collection. Visitors are encouraged to participate in building the stories by adding opinions into the displays. Life is gallery, portrays different facets of life’s journey and daily experiences, from hard work to fun holidays to our inevitable departure. Gweithdy is a brand new sustainable building celebrating the skills of makers past and present, and encourages visitors of all ages to experience traditional skills first-hand. This gallery features large scale illustrations by the welsh artist Sarah Edmonds that connect with the 3D display. An array of textiles emerges from a spinning wheel and an explosion of clay is spun out from a potters wheel.  

Project Details

Studio Event Communications
Client National Museum Wales
Location Cardiff, Wales
Date Opened 2018
Scope Project lead, Creative direction


Wales Is… Gallery

Life Is… Gallery