Floodproof is a body of work that seeks to raise awareness of sea level rises in cities and encourages actions to mitigate the risk. The exhibition proposal shows the impact of a changing climate through a visitor experience of two halves.

Project Details

Exhibited  Multiple venues
Location London, UK
Date 2005 onwards
Media Mixed
Visit floodproof.org

Scenario 1

Sea levels rising

Destroys unprepared homes

A flood tempered London

Fuels a dark ending

Scenario 2

Innovative infrastructure

Enables growth

Anticipated adaption for

An alternative beginning

Narrative of exhibition:

  1. Visitors enter through an arch
  2. Signage points the way
  3. A damp corridor shows signs of decay and water damage
  4. A staircase provides waterproof shoe covers for visitors to collect
  5. Before entering the Flooded room visitors cover their shoes
  6. The narrative of The homeowner begins in the flooded bedroom
  7. The lounge provides clues to what happened
  8. The flooded interior smells of mould and waterlogged objects surround your feet
  9. Visitors flow up the stairs on the third floor
  10. The Hot room is humid and covered with burst sand bags
  11. Mosquito nets and broken fans allude to the warmer climate
  12. The view from the window shows a flooded London below
  13. Up the stairs to neutral level
  14. A dividing threshold exists in the space
  15. There is power and greenery, a positive message?
  16. Evidence shows the impact of the floods
  17. Down the stairs to explore the living options for an adapted city
  18. Living Above Water room shows protection in advance of future rises
  19. CASA’s virtual model shows London’s changing tidal levels
  20. Energy feeds the city from St Paul’s PV’s + Olympic wind farm
  21. Visitors move down to the level of the water
  22.  Living On Water room is influenced by boating architecture
  23. Animated riverscape reveals dynamic activity on the Thames
  24. A window frames the joys of the Embankment seaside
  25. Visitors step down below the new tidal level
  26. Living Below Water room is a tanked sanctuary
  27. Changes to tube infrastructure require different vehicle choices
  28. Life under the water is vibrant with activity and opportunities